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14th July 2024
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I’m an Ex-Girl Gang member and I’m being exploited by TV


There’s no such thing as girl gangs.

That’s what I was told over and over again.

I laugh when I think about how people dismiss girls and women as incapable of getting involved with such things. We couldn’t possibly have the mindset, power, or ability to use the level of violence that the male species is known for.

But girl gangs were around for centuries before they were ever called gangs. The word ‘gang’ only became a label for disadvantaged kids who act out due to their socio-economic background in the 1920s.

These days the term girl gang is used too loosely. It’s a way of getting vulnerable kids on TV and exploiting them for a story.

Part 1 of Nicole’s investigation into girl gangs


Their five minutes of fame is over too soon and no one’s interested when they end up in prison a few weeks later.

Its 2018 and all the big news channels are trying to get the story, but when I started this project, no one believed that girl gangs were real. Now everyone in the media wants in on the action. They want to tell the story they haven’t lived.

It frustrates me that we are quick to watch a documentary that feeds the problem and offers no solution. We simply argue over tax and government spending on prisons from the comfort of our living rooms or through our online avatars.


I was on the streets because I felt that I had no other option. I was 14 and in survival mode.

Day 1, my first flat. Paid for by giving my landlady four bottles white lighting.

Day 2, recruitment. I was in a centre for naughty kids. By the second day there were 4 of us. I started enjoying my glass of power.

Day 3, causing havoc. No parents. No carers. No adults. The world was our oyster, but we where hungry. Rob the local supermarket.

Day 4, realising we only had each other. No gas but we kept warm.

Day 5, nobody really cares. Fuck it mode.


We never called ourselves a gang, we just made a promise to never be sexually sorted, violated or be as weak as our mothers.


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