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5th December 2023
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It’s no fun stealing mopeds anymore!

Due to a rise in moped theft by the so called ‘moped gangs’, the police have adopted tough tactics such as knocking them off their bikes, in some cases without a helmet, to crackdown on this rising crime.

  • An ex moped gang member told Underworld:

  Before they started to knock us off the bikes, I would get a few bikes on most nights, but they are moving like savages now days. It’s not worth it anymore because I am now risking my life just to make a couple of hundred quid where as before it was easy to get away and also very fun!

  • Ever since these tough tactics have been put into play, the metropolitan police say there has been a 36% reduction in thefts that involved mopeds or scooters and a 32% reduction in thefts of mopeds.
  • Other tactics include using a special marking spray to fire at suspects and remote controlled spikes to burst the tires of the bikes.

It’s no fun stealing mopeds anymore! Read the full article on our UnderworldTV website…

Posted by Underworld.tv on Tuesday, 27 November 2018

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